Our website will be providing updates on the progress and the building of the Village Project, opportunities to support the progress.  Our Virtual Knowledge and Facebook pages will post relevant news stories locally, nationally, and internationally that impact our communities, women, our Sacred Mother Earth, highlight innovative solutions and the Clan Mothers Village Project.

The Time is Now!

Indigenous communities have been traumatized by the ongoing systemic violence against women and children. They are victims of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, racism and unconscionable levels of domestic violence. Through time and colonization, Indigenous practices have changed with the historical influence of Eurocentric patriarchal controls. These changes have greatly altered Indigenous views on women and girls. There is, however, a recently renewed movement and respect for the role of women and grandmothers – something that had been lost through colonization and residential schools.

Clan Mothers believes that healing is only possible when we return to our Indigenous models and methodologies of healing. The success of Clan Mothers work over the years has inspired us to expand our reach and capacity to bring substantive change and hope to our communities.

Current rehabilitation practices are not working. Many focus on the wrong elements or put the focus in the wrong order. The demand for training and education related to a vast array of Indigenous reconciliation is rapidly increasing because of important elements, including the current national inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP).

Clan Mothers recognizes the opportunity to better educate people on Indigenous and Women’s issues locally, nationally, and internationally – and to better serve the victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking using Indigenous holistic methodologies. Following the success that the group has had in the past, Clan Mothers has developed broader range solutions to increase its capacity for outreach and healing within Indigenous communities.

We would like to thank our current friends and allies for providing their generous support and expertise to date. These allies have been instrumental in supporting the collective voices of Indigenous women to develop these innovate Indigenous-led solutions. The Elders, lived experience experts, and professionals from our communities have decades of experience working with thousands of women and girls who continue to suffer from systemic multigenerational trauma.

If you would like to find out more about Clan Mothers or support our Village, we would love to hear from you!