The Opportunity

Clan Mothers Healing Village and Knowledge Centre is a land-based village that provides culturally relevant solutions for women, girls, two-spirit and transgender persons in a community living environment, incorporating traditional Indigenous healing and spiritual mentorship, while encouraging individual growth through programming, training, and social enterprise.

Hands Together in Circle

The concept of a Clan Mothers Healing Village and Knowledge Centre was born from over 20 years of Indigenous, land-based healing gatherings for women, organized in rural Manitoba by Grandmothers Turtle Lodge.

During that time, it became evident that living within a supportive community enhances opportunities for sexually exploited women to learn from those who have recovered. The interaction provides positive role models and inspires both hope and healing.

As women in recovery experience nurturing in the community, they begin to participate in daily tasks and operations. They develop a sense of positive self-worth, recognizing their intrinsic value through active participation and contributing with meaning and purpose.

Transitioning from the Healing Village to independence will be supported with relationships, made smoother with training and skill development, and monitored within Clan Mothers programs. Clan Mothers is working alongside other successful agencies in the community to provide the women with a community of supports.

Clan Mother’s Healing Village and Knowledge Centre is more than a “safe house”. It is focused on healing, learning, and developing skills in a holistic village that will assist the women when they leave the centre.