Our Approach

We are building a Healing Village and Knowledge Centre that responds to what our Elders Council, Lived-Experienced Advisory Council and community members have told us is needed. And we are building it on the land given back to us by Réseau Compassion Network (and 11 congregations of Sisters).

Our long-term business and development plan for the Healing Village includes living quarters, meeting and healing spaces, and social enterprise facilities.

First and foremost, however, our focus is on getting the women on the land as soon as possible – so that the healing can take place immediately.

To make this happen, we have created a two-step process, that will create the initial foundations of a broader Healing Village concept to be realized over the next five years.

Turtle Drum
Grandmothers on Legislature Steps

A key element in the Clan Mothers Healing Village and Knowledge Centre concept is financial sustainability. Social enterprise revenues generated by the Village operations, will be reinvested into the Village to sustain operations. Innovative social enterprise opportunities will also provide the residents with education, transferable skills, and reinforce positive identity to support their future success.

Economically, the social enterprises in the Village will play a key role in training and education, and provide the means for self-empowerment and community development. Meanwhile, the proceeds from the social enterprises will feed back into the Clan Mothers Healing Village, ensuring operational sustainability.