The Time for Change Is Now

Indigenous communities have been traumatized by the ongoing systemic violence against women and children. They are victims of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, racism, and unconscionable levels of domestic violence.

Through time and colonization, Indigenous practices have changed with the historical influence of Eurocentric patriarchal controls. These changes have greatly altered Indigenous views on women and girls. There is, however, a recently renewed movement and respect for the role of grandmothers and women – something that had been lost through colonization and residential schools.

Clan Mothers believes that healing is only possible when we return to our Indigenous models and methodologies of healing. The success of Clan Mothers’ work over the years has inspired us to expand our reach and capacity to bring substantive change and hope to our communities.

“Aboriginal youth account for at least half of young people who are sexually exploited in Canada. This is a startling statistic when you realize that Aboriginal people make up five per cent of the population.”

Shelley Cardinal, Violence and Abuse Prevention Program at the Canadian Red Cross