Healing begins here

Our Healing Village will provide mid-term to long-term support to women who have been victims of multi-generational trauma, sexual violence, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking as they begin their healing journey.


Our peoples
Have been colonized
Researched to death
Still no answers
From a dominant system
Exempt from Indigenous Knowledge
Loss of language
Loss of identity
Loss of culture and spiritual values
We are the keepers
Of our own pathway home


Written by  Jamie Goulet

“Clan Mothers recognizes that healing and education must first begin within the heart, before the mind, while the current healing system seeks to heal the mind first. As sexual exploitation and trafficking continue to be social injustices experienced by Indigenous women, it is time for a paradigm shift. New treatment models which incorporate Indigenous methodologies need to be explored, and it is the goal of Clan Mothers to revisit the longstanding Indigenous matrilineal model of healing.”

Jamie Goulet, Co-Founder of Clan Mothers Healing Village

Virtual Knowledge

February 2021 Progress Newsletter

February 2021 Progress Newsletter

Hello Friends of Clan Mothers Healing Village! We hope that this finds you healthy and well.  In our relationship with you, we enjoy sharing updates and information as a way to convey our appreciation for your support. Without it, we would not be able to accomplish...

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Dec 2020 Year End Newsletter

Dec 2020 Year End Newsletter

Clan Mothers Healing Village & Knowledge Centre acknowledges with much gratitude your support on this critically needed Village Project. Through your generosity, you have conveyed respect and honour in our Indigenous-led solutions. You have made it possible for us...

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The February full moon is here. Most Indigenous peoples see the December full moon as the new year; it’s the return of the light. In February, it has many names. But we take our lessons from nature. Animals begin to stir. They clean their homes. My mother and grandmother would rearrange the furniture and begin spring cleaning. They’d examine what winter clothes survived and which ones needed to be turned into something else or mended. I still have a quilt made from my grandfather's wool work shirts gathered over many winters. It’s a time of emergence. Many nations also call this moon the Hunger Moon and engage in fasting from Saturday to Saturday. Deer struggle to find food as do many other hooved relatives. The book 'Braiding Sweetgrass' by Robin Wall Kimmerer details how Algonquin peoples would harvest maple syrup at this time. The sugar content also providing a necessary boost to energy. Our health is a primary concern. The return of sunlight is a welcome tonic. Waters long locked in snow and ice begin to shift. They signal their intention to be more fluid and let us know that soon, it will be spring. This is a time of planning. This is a time of preparation. But it is not a time for goals but rather intentions. Goals unfulfilled often come with judgement, but intentions often show us paths we did not see - as the snow melts.Many people and creatures love the winter and snow, but all things must end for something else to grow.Chokma Shki,La Royce ... See MoreSee Less
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Clan Mothers Healing Village activities are based on the cycles of the moon. LaRoyce Batchelor, the woman who has developed the Clan Mothers Healing Village Governance Model, guides with us her Indigenous wisdom, knowledge and beautiful spirit.We would like to share some of LaRoyces’s teachings with you on the New and Full Moons. Here is the first one for tonight's New Moon celebration:~ February 11 will bring the New Snow Moon. February marks the bulk of our snowfall. We also see a dramatic downturn in our temperatures. Intuitively we know this. We hunker down and prepare for the cold and the work associated with a lot of snow. February also marks the conflicting pulls in energy from hibernation and reflection to new tasks that often accompany spring. But it is also frustrating as there is little we can do; unless we plant seeds in our homes as starters. I say this not only as a hint that we can garden even without access to our yards, but we begin to feel the pull to be more productive. Bears will often stir at this time. But their bodies are not ready to fully wake.So what does all this mean? We feel the urge to get things off our desks and out the door. We feel the pull to be increasinglyproductive while at the same time we feel the conflict of deep winter. It’s a time of choice. We can start seeds. We can make lists. We can make a plan. ~Chi Miigwetch for this teaching LaRoyce!#indigenousknowledge #indigenousteachings #newmoon #lunarcycle #clanmothershealingvillage #matriarch #grandmothermoon ... See MoreSee Less
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Our land-based healing village includes restorative and empowering cultural therapies & spiritual ceremonies in a community living environment.

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We are so proud to announce that the first National Digital Media Collective to combat sexual exploitation and sex trafficking is now live.

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