Healing begins here

Our Healing Village will provide mid-term to long-term support to women who have been victims of multi-generational trauma, sexual violence, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking as they begin their healing journey.


Our peoples
Have been colonized
Researched to death
Still no answers
From a dominant system
Exempt from Indigenous Knowledge
Loss of language
Loss of identity
Loss of culture and spiritual values
We are the keepers
Of our own pathway home


Written by  Jamie Goulet

“Clan Mothers recognizes that healing and education must first begin within the heart, before the mind, while the current healing system seeks to heal the mind first. As sexual exploitation and trafficking continue to be social injustices experienced by Indigenous women, it is time for a paradigm shift. New treatment models which incorporate Indigenous methodologies need to be explored, and it is the goal of Clan Mothers to revisit the longstanding Indigenous matrilineal model of healing.”

Jamie Goulet, Co-Founder of Clan Mothers Healing Village

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