Why a Village

The Village is under construction, and programs are being developed. But more importantly, the Village of community members has already been built. Our Elders and our team of Lived-Experience Leaders have been gathering, and the ceremonies, teachings, and healing has already begun. The establishment of a model of change for healing that will help current and future generations is in place.

Why the Village “works”

Longhouse Aerial View

1. The Village is shovel-ready:

  • We have acquired 130 acres of land,
  • Received approval for zoning and construction,
  • Engaged a construction team.

2. Over 30 years’ experience:

  • We have worked with women and girls making systemic changes,
  • A proven healing approach that helps victims,
  • Used “Lived-Experience Leadership”, to develop programming.

3. Incredible Allies:

  • We are supported by a large group of allies and supply experts who believe in our vision and capacity to execute the project.

4. Solid Business Plan:

  • We have a solid sustainability plan, ensuring success through the social enterprise businesses that will provide revenue to operate the Village.

5. Direct response to TRC and MMIWG recommendations:

  • TRC – “health-care system recognizes the value of Indigenous healing practices and use in treatment of Aboriginal peoples.”
  • MMIWG – “governments support Indigenous peoples to call on Elders, Grandmothers, Knowledge Keepers to establish community-based trauma-informed programs for survivors of trauma and violence.”