Building the Village

Over the last couple of years, a remarkable thing has happened – a group of religious women gifted a plot of land to a group of Indigenous Grandmothers working to develop a healing village. This act began a relationship between Women of Spirit, Catholic and Indigenous, committed to an honest and open dialogue about the past, present and future with the goal of reconciliation. We acknowledge that this process will take time and will not always be comfortable.

Réseau Compassion Network and 11 congregations of Sisters have donated 130 acres of waterfront land, just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, to ensure that Clan Mothers Healing Village and Knowledge Centre can be built. The site is comprised of a mix of wooded lands, native grasses, and natural water, making it ideally suited to host ceremonies, outdoor activities, and programming elements.

An outdoor space is an important aspect of the healing, education and programming offered by Clan Mothers, making the entire site integral to our holistic approach.

Site plan
Moon Dance Ceremony

Economically, the social enterprises in the Village will play a key role in training and education for the residents’ future success and provide the means for self-empowerment and community development. Meanwhile, the proceeds from the social enterprises will feed back into the Clan Mothers Healing Village, ensuring operational sustainability.

Site elements include:

Seven times

Longhouse cabin for group gatherings & healing

Seven times

Knowledge Centre, Hall, and Art Studios

Seven times

One- and Two-Bedroom Cabins

Seven times

Lodge Keepers & Elders Cabins

Seven times

Ceremonial Grounds