Building the Village

Our vision is that Clan Mothers Healing Village will be located on a parcel of land in rural Manitoba, Canada. The site will be comprised of a mix of wooded lands, native grasses, and natural water sites that make it ideally suited to host outdoors activities and programming elements.

The Healing Village will be a sustainable site with the ability to operate off of the grid and generate its own utilities, including power, heat, and wastewater filtration. The site will incorporate solar powered energy, geothermal heating, and wastewater bio filtration systems.

An outdoor space is integral to the healing and educational aspects of Clan Mothers programming and the entire site is inherently important to the holistic healing process.

Site elements include:

  • Welcome Centre
  • Small and Large Healing Rooms
  • Knowledge Centre, Hall, and Art Studios
  • One and Two Bedroom Cabins
  • Lodge Keepers Cabin
  • A Bath House
  • Ceremonial Grounds