Healing Village Programs

Clan Mothers Healing Village is focused on providing mid-term and long-term care to women who have been victims of sexual abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking.

The spirit of the Clan Mothers healing and knowledge concepts is the resurgence of Indigenous methodologies and world views to heal the most important beings in communities across Canada – the mothers and daughters of the next generation.

“In the progression of reconciliation and healing for Aboriginal people, social enterprise is a vital catalyst providing the means for self-determination and Aboriginal community development and sustainability. Every day Aboriginal organizations and communities are developing innovations that provide skills training, community resources, and essential services, as well as employment opportunities, through Aboriginal social enterprises.”

-Leslie Varley, BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres

To fulfill its vision, Clan Mothers will operate a clean-energy sustainable village that provides a safe and nurturing land-based healing environment for sexually exploited women by offering intensive programming that incorporates Indigenous methodologies for healing the impacts of multi-generational systemic trauma. Education, training, and job opportunities go hand-in-hand with this holistic model.

Additionally, the Village’s focus on social enterprise will also help to sustain, educate, train, and prepare our women for a healthy future.