Friends & Allies

New models will come when donors come to the table as true partners with Indigenous Peoples – not in transactions where Indigenous Peoples are funded to implement the donor’s agenda but in relationships where Indigenous Peoples are funded to design and deliver the project. Those institutions willing to approach these challenges with a sense of humility and a curiosity about those whose lives differ radically from their own can be the bridges to a healthier, truly sustainable future. Embracing a new philanthropic paradigm in which Indigenous Peoples are full programme participants rather than merely the recipients of assistance will profoundly change their lives – and ours.”

– Rebecca Adamson, Founder and Past President of

To date, the following companies and organizations have listened to and supported Clan Mothers’ Indigenous-led solutions by providing or donating funding, goods, services, and expertise. They clearly understand the capacity of Indigenous peoples to develop through the resurgence of their own culture, systems of governance, and self-determination. As a result of their support, this project will change the pathway forward, improving the lives of Indigenous communities from nation to nation. It will also provide an innovative model of healing and social innovation.

Miigwetch to the following:

McGowan Russell Group , Ceso-Saco , Spark – Connections for Communities , PCL Construction , Public Interest Law Centre
Prairie Architects Inc. ,  Gold Corp , MNP – Winnipeg Offices, Deschenes Regnier, Tech Soup Canada
Canada Helps,   Coady International Institute at St. Francis Xavier University,   Assiniboine Credit Union,   The Kenny Family Foundation, Public Safety Canada,  Province of Manitoba- Tracia’s Trust,  Woven Collaborative, Narrative Inc,   Lush Cosmetics,  RCMP,   United Way Winnipeg, The McConnell Foundation, The Winnipeg Foundation, Dillon Consulting, KGS Engineering, Landmark Planning. Ontario Government