Our Difference

The Clan Mother’s Healing Village concept is much more than a “safe house”. Clan Mothers is focused on healing, learning, and developing skills in a holistic village that will assist the women when they leave the centre.

Due in no small part to the depth and breadth of the programming and the return to culturally holistic healing, Clan Mothers will offer a much better solution for institutional and governmental organizations seeking to place women.

“People want to work with socially-minded businesses and it is exciting to see Aboriginal enterprises being showcased in this way. Social enterprise is a new name for a very old concept. First Nations people have always approached enterprise as a way to benefit community and family – it is a way of doing business that has strong roots in Indigenous tradition and culture.”

– Tonii Lerat, Community Development Planner, Urban Matters

Our focus on social innovation through the development of social enterprise business units provides a significant differentiation for the program. While living in the community, the women take part in the business units – in essence benefiting from their work. The women will also gain useful skills along with leadership roles they can put to use in meaningful ways as they reintegrate back into their communities and society.