Youth Teachings

The Journey of PIYESIS (4 Episodes)

Clan Mother’s Healing Village in collaboration with Tracia’s Trust is proud to showcase our four-part land-based healing video series. The Department of Families in partnership with Clan Mother’s Healing Village will distribute The Journey of Piyesis’ videos to Tracia’s Trust stakeholders, Authority partners, and northern communities for their continued use.

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Piyesis, a 12-year-old Indigenous girl, begins her transition into a woman. Ignored in the busy group home, she experiences her first Moontime and is unsure of the changes her body is going through. Not sure of who to turn to, an older roommate helps Piyesis through her first period, while the two seek to discover more about who they are and what the culture is that they had been estranged from. Piyesis starts to dream visions of grandmother elders who bring teachings and help her when she feels lost. The first vision is the teaching of Moontime. From here, Piyesis wants to learn more of the ways of her people.




Piyesis, thinks back on the impact of negative events in her young life and the struggles she needs to overcome. From watching her mom in a toxic relationship while living with her, Piyesis experiences the loss of her grandmother at the age of 7. Forced to live in a group home in the city, with anger and sadness built up in her heart, she turns to nature and her ancestors to guide her to a safe place. Piyesis finds herself comforted by the land and a teaching is brought to her about the letting go ceremony.




Piyesis attends her first letting go ceremony. She is unsure of what to do and questions if she even belongs there. Being taken away from her culture at a young age, Piyesis struggles to find her way back, but with the help of grandmothers/earth mother’s teachings, it makes it easier for her to grow and learn. Afterwards she encounters a sweat lodge, in which she learns about the sweat lodge ceremony – the next step in her journey. Piyesis feels a connection that brings her great memories of her mother and the bond they shared. Piyesis feels connected to her culture after entering into the sweat lodge.




Piyesis has attended more ceremonies, feels more comfortable, and has discovered who she is. She has gone through a sweat lodge to help her heal, and that ceremony was accompanied by a Pipe ceremony. This is where Piyesis is given her spirit name Piyesis, (meaning bird). We also see Piyesis on the land and discover much more that she has to learn. (This takes place on sacred land, Bannock Point MB.)