Mission, Vision, and Values

We will create an Indigenous model of healing and education focused on the restoration of our communities based on the matrilineal values and principles of our original self-governance systems.

Clan Mothers is committed to the creation of a contemporary, sustainable Healing Village governed by a distinctive Indigenous council. Our Healing Village will provide mid-term to long-term support to women who have been victims of multi-generational systemic trauma, sexual violence, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking to help them begin their healing journey.

The heart and spirit of the Village is the resurgence of Indigenous methodologies and world views to heal the most important beings in communities across Canada, the mothers and daughters of the next generation.

Guiding Principles

  • Culturally safe environments
  • Indigenous world views
  • Creating sustainable change
  • Indigenous self-determination

Structure and Plan

Clan Mothers acknowledges that there are a number of safe homes across Canada currently serving the needs of Indigenous women. The Healing Village concept is unique in this country because no other organization is addressing this need using a matrilineal focus, community living, and a commitment to use Indigenous holistic healing methodologies with social innovation. In fact, the project includes two separate and distinct units:

  1. Clan Mothers Healing Village – providing healing and restorative programs for at-risk Indigenous women.
  2. Clan Mother Earth Enterprises – identifying and developing a series of revenue-generating products and services to support the operation of the Village.