Our Philosophy

Each day our organization is guided by a deep respect for the Earth and the natural resources she provides us. This respect is integral to Indigenous beliefs and philosophies.

Holistically and practically, our target is to operate a self-sustaining, net-zero model.

In addition to our own operational goals and objectives, Clan Mothers is very interested in exploring potential partnerships with outside manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors who have proven experience in harnessing natural energy systems.

Most importantly, Clan Mothers is committed to incorporating Indigenous principles and beliefs into all aspects of both our business and sustainability plan.

“From environmental issues to human trafficking and sex slavery, Indigenous women are reclaiming their strength through an inherent original design in a modern world, by developing holistic solutions. By creating this Healing Village, we fully intend to support and help replicate this model for Indigenous communities across the country.”

– Jamie Goulet, Co-Founder of Clan Mothers Healing Village