Our Approach

The social enterprise approach is one of the most important elements of the Healing Village’s business model. Many non-profit organizations find themselves dependent on funding that may change. To counteract this possibility, Clan Mothers has explored the benefits that can be derived from social enterprise.

Clan Mothers is committed to the creation of a contemporary, sustainable, and self-governed Healing and Knowledge Centre based on Indigenous methodologies and world views. This place will provide a safe, nurturing, and healing environment for sexually exploited women to begin their healing journey.

Own-sourced revenues will ensure that the organization can provide the services and programming it believes are best suited to those in need, and not focus on providing services that are required as a part of a restrictive funding agreement.

By integrating social enterprise activities, Clan Mothers will be able to:

  • Become self-sustaining through alternate income generation
  • Reduce dependency on grants and government funding (with the end goal of seeking no additional grant funding)
  • Reduce reporting requirements and time commitments for funders
  • Enhance the capacity of individuals who participate and improve the overall socio-economic environment for women involved