New Manitoba lodge for Indigenous women in need ‘not just a healing place, it’s a village’

The Clan Mothers Healing Lodge will help women coping with trauma, addiction and sexual violence.

Stephanie Cram 
· CBC News

A lodge in a backyard in Winnipeg’s Point Douglas neighbourhood is where the Clan Mothers, a grassroots organization of Indigenous elders, have been meeting to hold ceremonies for women in need.
But now, they’ve got their eyes set on something bigger — building a Clan Mothers Healing Lodge, where Indigenous women can go to to heal from trauma, addiction and sexual violence.
“We’re right at the core of Winnipeg, but you know, once summer comes you’ll see … it’s beautiful,” Elder Mae Louise Campbell said of the Point Douglas home where the Clan Mothers currently meet.

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Photo caption:  Elders Mae Louise Campbell and Belinda Vandenbroeck are part of the Clan Mothers. (Tyson Koschik/CBC)