Journey of Piyesis / Bird

Clan Mothers Healing Village (CMHV) is honoured to share a 4 part animated film series in 4 episodes
following the ‘Journey of Piyesis /Bird’.

In collaboration with a group of Indigenous filmmakers and animation designers we have created a youth character, Piyesis who is tormented by a childhood full of trauma, inclusive of contact with the child welfare system. The 4 episodes are based on the Characters journey paired with ceremonial teachings from the Kokums (Indigenous grandmothers).This methodology is in alignment with our Indigenous oral tradition of storytelling in a modern context.

As we are well aware, our marginalized youth are notoriously underserviced. This innovative film / animation series will provide a tool for staff and mentors working with our youth in group
homes, CSUs, Street Reach, addiction stabilization units, treatment centres, outreach, northern communities and social media platforms.

Our youth who have been put through the current child welfare systems are at great risk of being sexually exploited and vulnerable to predators of all sorts. Our hope is through this series our beloved youth will feel the love from Grandmother Elders and see the beauty of who they truly are as an Indigenous youth.

This body of work will guide our youth in identifying where they came from, what happened to them, who they are and who they are truly meant to be as Indigenous youth. With shared knowledge from Grandmother Elders, it is our hope that our youth will feel the responsibility they carry, to be that special being and in the future help give back to our next generation.

PIYESIS: Episode 1

PIYESIS: Episode 3

PIYESIS: Episode 2

PIYESIS: Episode 4